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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Success stories of infertility with acupuncture treatment

Getting pregnant seems so natural for most of women; however wanting to have a baby seems unreachable for those who suffer from infertility for years. It is hard to imagine what they have been going through, physically and emotionally. If you have been trying for baby for sometime without success, it is important for you to recognize the problem, get it checked out and ask help earlier rather than later. Ovarian dysfunction is a common cause of infertility in women. I have written a book about the ovary in women's fertility to help women with ovarian conditions who want to have a baby. Many women recognize that acupuncture could help their fertility treatment.

Here I summarized some tips to help you to know how acupuncture may help to boost fertility. I also summarized some amazing success stories.

How can acupuncture help your fertility?

Acupuncture alone may help to achieve pregnancy naturally. In this case, acupuncture helps to improve women’s fertility as well as their overall health and this makes conception happen naturally. Acupuncture stimulates central and peripheral system. It regulates hormone production in brain and improves ovulation; it increases blood flow in reproductive system including ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus; it improves egg quality, relaxes tubes and prepares good uterine lining for implantation; it modulates immune function, reduces stress and improves fertility.

You can get pregnant quickly with the help of acupuncture.

Average age of women having first child is delayed to their 30’s. Some women have problems when they start trying for a baby. With the help of acupuncture, some women can get pregnant very quickly. Here are some amazing stories about some women at age 30 who succeeded from short course of acupuncture treatments. In these cases, their husband’s sperms were good.

Elisa has been trying for a baby for a year without success. All fertility tests were normal, so her fertility was unexplained. She heard about Chinese acupuncture and decided to try it. After 4 treatments on weekly basis, she became pregnant.

Anna has only one tube left. She lost one tube in previous ectopic pregnancy. She has been trying for a baby for 6 months without success. She decided to get help from acupuncture. After 2 month acupuncture treatments on weekly basis, she became pregnant.

Amy has one early miscarriage. She was afraid to have another one and decided to try acupuncture. After 8 treatments she became pregnant again and this time she carried the baby to full term.

Case Study: Infertility with severe period pain treated with acupuncture successfully.

These were a few typical cases with common symptoms that included period pain, lower abdominal pain, external genitalia pain, painful intercourse and primary infertility. The tenderness at groin region was found in examination. In these cases, they responded to acupuncture treatment very well. The pain was reduced with a few sessions of acupuncture treatments and with more treatments they became pregnant quickly.

Case1, Alice was 30 year old. She started getting period pain 6 years ago. There was severe pain at lower abdomen and external genitalia. The pain normally began 3 days before the period and got better after period. Period was heavy. Her period pain was getting worse over time. Apart from the pain there were other unbearable symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pale and sweating. She also had painful intercourse. She never got pregnant even though they had been trying for 5 years. Her husband’s sperms were good. Tenderness was found in the groin region by examination. Acupuncture treatment was offered to her twice a week for four weeks and then once a week for another four weeks. During the period of treatment, all pain and other symptoms had disappeared. After 2 month acupuncture treatment, she was pregnant naturally.

Case 2, Nancy was 36 year old. She had lower back pain for 20 years. She also had period pain at lower back and lower abdomen. She had painful intercourse. She had been trying to get pregnant for 6 years without success. Her husband’s sperms were normal. Recently the pain was getting worse. The examination showed tenderness at lower back and groin region. After two month of acupuncture treatment, the pain was getting better. And after another four month treatment, she became pregnant naturally.

Case 3, Zara was 30 year old. She always had period pain. The pain was at the lower abdomen and external genitalia. She also had painful intercourse. Apart from pain, her period was normal. She had been trying to conceive for 3 years without success. A year ago she had pin and needle at groin region and the pain was shooting to the thigh. Period pain got worse. Examination showed tenderness at groin region. Her husband’s sperm were good. With a few sessions of acupuncture treatments, her pain was reduced significantly. After 3 month treatment, she became pregnant naturally.

Case 4, Millie was 37 year old. She had lower abdominal pain for 20 years and severe period pain. Pain reduced after period. Her period was heavy. She also had painful intercourse. She had been trying to get pregnant for 12 years without success. Fertility test showed that one tube was blocked. There was tenderness at the groin region. After 2 month acupuncture treatments, the pain was disappeared and she became pregnant.

Case study: Infertility accompanied with back pain with successful acupuncture treatment

Rose was 34 year old. She had one child. After giving birth to her girl, she had been having irregular periods without period pain. She was trying to conceive to have another child for 13 years without success. She had lower back pain for 3 years. At first she only had a lower back pain after a long walk, but the pain was getting worse over time. The pain was spread to upper back, neck and head. She also had breathless, stomach-ache and upper abdominal pain. Tenderness was found at lower back and groin region in examination. After a few sessions of acupuncture treatments, the pain was getting better and so were other symptoms. After two month acupuncture treatment, she became pregnant. This was a typical case that infertility was accompanied with back pain. Acupuncture was effective to treat back pain and infertility. Pregnancy could occur as soon as back pain disappeared.

For most women with complex history of infertility and gynaecological conditions, much more acupuncture treatments and longer duration is needed to achieve pregnancy. Here are some other stories.

Success acupuncture treatment for infertility with endometriosis.

Case 1, Ameli who was 33 year old with 10 year history of taking oral contraceptive pills were trying to conceive for 2 years without success. Her period cycle was 28-45 days. She suffered from severe period pain and heavy period bleeding. Her blood test suggested that there was no ovulation. After failed a course of clomid treatment and one cycle of IUI, she had an operation of removing the ovarian cyst and some endometriosis tissue. She still had difficulty to conceive. Her period became 20-25 days. Blood FSH level was 24 iu/l with oestrogen 75 pmol/l. She chose to try acupuncture. After about 2 month treatment, her FSH dropped to 10 iu/l and oestrogen raised to 135 pmol/l. With continuing another 3 month treatment she was pregnant naturally.

Case 2, Philippa was 34 year old and tried to get pregnant for 5 years with no luck. Her periods were irregular about 35-50 days with heavy bleeding and severe period pain. She was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, ovarian cysts and blocked left tube. She had three operations to remove ectopic endometriosis tissues and ovarian cysts over two years, but the conditions kept recurring. She also had two cycles of IUI, two cycles of IVF, but unfortunately they all failed as a result. The last resort was acupuncture. After 2 month treatment, her period became normal 30 days with normal bleeding pattern. With continuing treatment for another two months, she became pregnant naturally.

Success acupuncture treatment for infertility with PCOS

Gracie was 30 year old and had a child. She was trying to have another child for a year without success. She was diagnosed with PCOS with multiple cysts in her ovaries; she was overweight and had excessive hair growth. She was treated with clomiphene twice. As a result she was pregnant, but both pregnancies ended up with miscarriage. Her FSH was 10 iu/l. After received acupuncture for 4 months, she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy.

Two success acupuncture treatments for unexplained infertility

Iris and Emily had similar stories. Iris was 31 year old and Emily was 30. They had infertility for 6 years and 5 years respectively. The reasons for infertility were not clear. Their periods were normal. FSH was a bit higher than normal. Thyroid function was normal. They were offered IVF treatment, but they both decided to try acupuncture first. Acupuncture was given twice a week for two months. They both became pregnant.

Acupuncture helps treating anovulation and IVF success

Layla was 35 year old with difficulty to conceive for 5 years. Her periods were normal. She was very much stressed. She wanted IVF treatment. But her fertility test showed that there was no ovulation though her periods were normal. FSH was 15.8 iu/l and blood haemoglobin was low. She decided to try acupuncture first. After 4 month acupuncture treatment, her basal body temperature showed that there was ovulation. FSH became 8.6iu/l and blood haemoglobin was normal. She decided to go ahead with IVF. She achieved pregnancy in first round cycle of IVF.

Success acupuncture treatment for secondary infertility

Lily was 35 year old. She had given birth to a girl. After giving birth to first child, she had tried to get pregnant again for 5 years without success. She had severe period pain, but other fertility tests were normal. She was diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility. She decided to try acupuncture. After 3 month acupuncture treatment, she had become pregnant.

Success acupuncture treatment for luteal phase defect associated infertility

Sophie was 33 years of age. She was trying to conceive for 5 years without success. Her period cycles were 28-32 days with 4-6 period days. Her basal body temperature (BBT) showed short luteal phase less than 11 days with disrupted BBT curve. Other fertility tests were normal. She decided to try acupuncture. After 2 month treatment, her luteal phase was 14 days with good BBT curve. With continuing another 3 month acupuncture treatment, she became pregnant.

Success acupuncture treatment for premature ovarian failure associated (POF) infertility

Emma was 40 year old. Her periods were 4 times a year but stopped for las 6 months. Ultrasound scan showed normal ovaries and uterus. Her FSH was 86.5 iu/l oestradiol was 66.7. She was trying to conceive for 3 years without success. She decided to try acupuncture. After 2 month acupuncture her FSH fell to 30. With continuing another 4 month acupuncture treatment she achieved pregnancy naturally.

Success acupuncture treatment for PCOS with infertility and recurrent miscarriage

Zoe was 26 year old and had a few miscarriages. After that, she had difficulty to conceive. She had severe period pain. Ovary test found that there were some ovary cysts in her left ovary. The biggest one was 5.5*4.3 cm. Two month later the cyst was 6.5*5.1 cm. She decided to try acupuncture. After a month acupuncture treatment the cysts shrunk. With continuing another month of acupuncture treatment, she became pregnant naturally.

Success acupuncture treatment for recurrent miscarriage

Rosie was 28 year old. She had an abortion when she was 24 year old. After that she got pregnant for a few times, but all had been miscarried when the pregnant was 2-3 months. She was diagnosed as recurrent miscarriage. She was very depressed when she was told that she may not have a baby. So she decided to try acupuncture. After 6 month acupuncture treatment, she became pregnant again. She continued to receive acupuncture until the end of 3 month pregnancy. The pregnancy last and she carried the bay to full term.

Success acupuncture treatment for unexplained infertility

Florence was 38 year old. She has been trying to get pregnant for a year without success. Her period cycles were regular with 28 day. She was very much stressed. She did not sleep well. Her diet was healthy. All fertility tests came out in normal range and no underlying causes were found. She was determined to get pregnant naturally, so she decided to get help from acupuncture. After a few sessions of acupuncture, her stress level was reduced and she could get a good night sleep. After 4 month acupuncture without pregnancy she was frustrated, but she was so determined and continued for another 4 months. Finally her determination was paid off. After 8 month acupuncture on weekly basis, she became pregnant.

Success acupuncture treatment for low antral follicle counts and low AMH

Laura was 38 year old. She has been trying to get pregnant for three years without success. Her period cycle was getting shorter to 22 days. Recent 6 months she started to get spotting before period. She had light period without period pain. She lived in very healthy life style with normal body weight. Fertility test showed low AMH and low antral follicles counts. FSH was normal. She did not want to go down to IVF route. She found that acupuncture could help to conceive naturally, so she decided to try. After three months acupuncture treatment, her cycle was getting normal, spotting was getting less, and antral follicle counts increased. With further three months acupuncture, she found out that she became pregnant naturally. Can you imagine how excited she was?

Can acupuncture help with IVF success?

About 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving and seek specialist fertility treatment. There are various treatments available depending on the causes of the infertility. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of the most successful treatments for couples with infertility. Since IVF technique was developed 30 years ago, it helped many couples to achieve pregnancy. In 2003 over 120000 IVF treatment cycles were carried out in clinics in the USA. According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, over 300000 treatment cycles of IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) were performed each year in Europe. In 2000, about 200000 babies worldwide were conceived through IVF. However, the success rate of IVF is still not satisfactory. IVFalso is expensive, lengthy and stressful. It also affects physical and mental health. To improve IVF success rate, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, acupuncture is a technique used by clinicians. Acupuncture became a popular choice for women undergoing IVF. A survey to study the state of acupuncture treatments in assisted reproductive technology in fertility centers in Swiss, German and Austrian fertility centers has shown40% fertility centers offer acupuncture treatments. In these centers acupuncture points selected were standardized and acupuncture was performed by physician-acupuncturist.

How can acupuncture help IVF?

First of all, IVF with acupuncture support has higher live birth rate. The first report that acupuncture increased IVF success rate was from Stener-Victorin et al in 1999. They applied acupuncture before occytes collection. They found that women in acupuncture group had significantly higher implantation rate, pregnancy rate and live birth rate in IVF embryo transfer. Eric Manheimer et al did first systematic review published in BMJ to investigate the effects of acupuncture on pregnancy rates and live birth rates among women with infertility undergoing IVF. They analysed seven trials involved in 1366 women undergoing IVF. All trials were conducted in four different Western countries and published in English since 2002. In all trials, women received acupuncture immediately before or immediately after the embryo transfer. Clinical pregnancy, ongoing pregnancy and live birth rates were improved. There was no side effect found. Recently a new review found that there were 5 studies involved 463 women who were undergoing IVF. They were given acupuncture twice a week for 2 weeks during the controlled ovarian hyperstimulation period for IVF. The pregnant rate was higher in acupuncture group than that in control group for women undergoing IVF.

Secondly, acupuncture increases embryo implantation potential for patients with infertility. There was a study involved in 210 patients with infertility. These patients with infertility were treated with electroacupuncture and in vitro fertilization and embryo transplantation (IVF-ET). Electroacupuncture was applied before controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and during ovarian hyperstimulation. The levels of human leukocytes antigen-G (HLA-G) in the serum were determined for evaluating embryo implantation potentials. HLA-G may play a role in immune tolerance in pregnancy and its presence in embryo is associated with better pregnancy rates. They found that electroacupuncture can increase HLA-G for the patients undergoing IVF-ET; their HLA-G increased on hCG injection day and on embryo transfer day which indicated increased embryo implantation potential for patients with infertility.

Thirdly, acupuncture improves egg quality. There was a study from Zhongguo Zhen Jiu – an acupuncture journal in China. They studied 60 patients with infertility with poor ovarian response and poor ovarian reserve undergoing IVF-ET. After treatment, in acupuncture group, the symptoms of kidney deficiency were improved; estrdiol (E2) level was higher; egg maturation rate, fertilization rate and good quality embryo rate and implantation rate were higher on the day of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injection. Most importantly the pregnancy rate was increased. Another study investigated the effects of acupuncture on egg quality and pregnancy for patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) undergoing IVF. In this study there were 66 patients with PCOS and infertility and undergoing IVF-ET. All fertilization rate, cleavage rate and high quality embryos were higher in acupuncture group than that for control group. There was a study showing Luteal phase acupuncture increased pregnancy rate in women undergoing IVF. 109 patients received luteal phase acupuncture had higher pregnancy rate than those without acupuncture intervention.

Fourthly, acupuncture helps reducing stress and anxiety in women undergoing IVF. Research studied the effect of acupuncture on symptoms of anxiety in women undergoing IVF. 43 patients participated in the study. After 4 week treatment the anxiety score for acupuncture group was significantly lower than for the control group. There is perceived stress on the day of embryo transfer (ET). There was a study on the effect of acupuncture on perceived stress and pregnancy rate on the day of ET. In this study, 57 patients with infertility and undergoing IVF or IVF/ISI were involved. Women who received acupuncture treatment achieved 64.7% pregnancy rate while those who didn’t receive acupuncture treatment had 42.5% pregnancy rate. Women with acupuncture had lower stress score both pre-ET and post-ET compared to those without acupuncture. Women with lower stress score had higher pregnancy rate.

Finally, acupuncture can help after failed IVF. Recently a research paper has shown that acupuncture increased pregnancy rate in women with previous failed IVF cycles. In this study, there were 84 patients participated the study. These patients had at least two unsuccessful attempts of IVF cycles. The predicted success rate for these patients was 10% for this group of patients. Acupuncture was performed on the first and seventh day of ovulation induction, on the day before egg collection and on the day after embryo transfer. The result has shown that the clinical pregnancy rate in the acupuncture group was significantly higher than that in the control and sham groups (35.7%, 7.1% and 10.7% respectively).

How can acupuncture help male fertility?

Recent some research data suggest that acupuncture improves male fertility by increasing sperm count and improving sperm quality and motility. The possible mechanisms for these are: acupuncture helps lower scrotal temperature; acupuncture improves blood flow of male reproductive system and reduces inflammation in the reproductive system; acupuncture also corrects hormonal imbalance to improve sperm maturation, acupuncture modulates the immune system and improves sexual and ejaculatory dysfunction in male infertility. A simple and popular hypothesis is that acupuncture stimulates nerve receptors at point location, transmitting signals to specific areas of the central nervous system, which initiate physiological changes in the body. From traditional Chinese medicine point of view, there is disharmony of kidney and liver in male infertility. Kidney Qi deficiency and stagnation fail to regulate liver blood flow causing blood stagnation and fluid and damp accumulation. Acupuncture makes Qi flow freely again to restore kidney and liver harmony. Acupuncture treatment for male infertility period is up to 3 month per course.

A case report: acupuncture increased sperm count

A 31 year old man was diagnosed azoospermia (no measurable level of sperm in his semen). His testis and vasa deferentia were normal. The tests showed that his sperm production was impaired which was difficult to cure. The couple failed one cycle of percutaneous sperm aspiration and intracytosplasmic sperm injection. He was referred for acupuncture treatment. He received a course of 20 session acupuncture treatment (twice a week). After a course of acupuncture treatment, his sperm count was 10 millions/ml with 10% good motility and 60% normal shape of sperms. With continuing another course, his sperm count increased to 18 millions/ml with 30% good motility and 60% normal shape of sperms.

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